OkCupid Wants To Give You A ‘Crazy Blind Date’

Of the handful of friends of mine who’ve dabbled in online dating, more than a few common denominators have arisen as they’ve related their experiences to me: Sifting through profiles can be a drag and even when you find someone of interest, all that back-and-forth coordination of the first date can smother interest.

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Dating site OkCupid thinks it may have a remedy for all that. Its new invention, Crazy Blind Date, is a stand-alone app that seeks to cut to the chase by setting up blind dates between two willing couples who know nothing about each other.

“If you ask women what they dislike most about online dating, it’s that it’s too much work,” Sam Yagan, one of the founders of the company and its chief executive, told the New York Times. “People want instant gratification. It’s the trajectory of the industry.”

Gone are elaborate profiles. Instead, users create bare-boned versions of themselves consisting of name, age, sexual orientation, a photograph, potential meeting spots, along with what nights they’re free during the coming week. ‘Crazy Blind Date’ scans other users who have the same night free and — voila — date scheduled.

To make the encounter even more of a crap shoot, your date’s identity will be hidden and their photo will be scrambled.

“We’re pulling out all the photo filters and the back-and-forth and turning your life over to computers and algorithms,” Yagan added.

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How much time will be wasted going on a bunch awful blind dates versus time wasted browsing profiles remains to be seen. However, Yagan seems to argue that it’s better to have blind dated and lost than to never have dated at all.

“The average person who logs into OkCupid looks at close to 20 profiles per session,” he said. “How many of those are turning into dates? Think of all the lost possibilities.”

Crazy Blind date is available for both Apple and Android phones. Go nuts.

Credit: OkCupid


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