Some documents worth browsing for Singaporeans

I was chatting with a friend recently who did not know that Singapore had a constitution, despite being a citizen. It isn’t the holy grail or anything, but it is information that helps one to understand the overarching ideas that sort of support all the other laws. If a law is created that undermines one of the tenets of the constitution, then it is void. And if a law contradicts or is contrary to the spirit of one of the constitutional laws, then perhaps it can and should be called into question. So here is the constitution and a few other useful documents to refer to and perhaps even browse from time to time, available publicly:

1. The Constitution – this is the highest law in the land, superseding all other laws.

2. The Criminal Procedure Code – this describes the different offenses and the manner in which suspects and offenders shall be dealt with.

3. The Penal Code – this describes the punishments and charges for various offenses.

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